Ol Malo and Conservation

We are often asked about Ol Malo’s contributions to the community and conservation. Chyulu Francombe clarifies this beautifully:

The Samburu Trust works in an ecosystem trying to balance all the many parts – The People (education, medical, women groups/ the arts) – The Wildlife (Warrior Scouts, conservation fees) – The land (grazing and open water reservoirs)

The key thing for guests to understand is that Ol Malo is a family business and we support through tourism by employment, conservation, and most importantly we are a base for the Samburu Trust projects to be seen by guests. The Trust is a not for profit who’s projects are funded by donations and the Samburu Trust shop. Other than Julia Francombe whose full time life involves running the Trust,  all of us other  ‘Francombes’ give our time for free helping with the running of some of the projects where needed (i.e the medical side / anti-poaching flying and animal rescues / open water reservoir construction / taking guests to the shop and school etc). 
Ol Malo and the Trust have a symbiotic relationship but the Trust does depend on donations, people aren’t donating by staying here.
With regards to Conservation, the ranch supports Ntepes a Community Based Organisation (CBO) across the river from Ol Malo, we give grazing during droughts and they protect the elephants who love that area for the acacia seed pods and natural salt deposits. Likewise alongside the Trust we support the communities on our other two boundaries and then the Trust is involved in over 1 million acres with CBOs and warrior scouts doing a huge amount for conservation of all species, anti-poaching, and the scouts provide a unique link between KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) and the communities.