Meet the growing team at Ol Malo!

The Francombe family have become legends who are known for their tireless energy and incredible hospitality at Ol Malo.  They are the heart and soul of Ol Malo, living, working and entertaining in this stunning corner of Laikipia.  But as the House, Lodge and Ol Malo Nomad becoming increasingly popular, it was time to recruit some help from others who share their passions, focus and sense of fun.  We are delighted to introduce some new faces…

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Incredible new images for Ol Malo

Ol Malo has some stunning new images which will send you green with envy!  They capture the essence of Ol Malo; the excitement, sense of adventure, the luxury and amazing cultural experience offered by Ol Malo and the Francombe family.

Please download the images here:

New Ol Malo Images

Ol Malo and Conservation

We are often asked about Ol Malo’s contributions to the community and conservation. Chyulu Francombe clarifies this beautifully:

The Samburu Trust works in an ecosystem trying to balance all the many parts – The People (education, medical, women groups/ the arts) – The Wildlife (Warrior Scouts, conservation fees) – The land (grazing and open water reservoirs)

The key thing for guests to understand is that Ol Malo is a family business and we support through tourism by employment, conservation, and most importantly we are a base for the Samburu Trust projects to be seen by guests. The Trust is a not for profit who’s projects are funded by donations and the Samburu Trust shop. Other than Julia Francombe whose full time life involves running the Trust,  all of us other  ‘Francombes’ give our time for free helping with the running of some of the projects where needed (i.e the medical side / anti-poaching flying and animal rescues / open water reservoir construction / taking guests to the shop and school etc). 
Ol Malo and the Trust have a symbiotic relationship but the Trust does depend on donations, people aren’t donating by staying here.
With regards to Conservation, the ranch supports Ntepes a Community Based Organisation (CBO) across the river from Ol Malo, we give grazing during droughts and they protect the elephants who love that area for the acacia seed pods and natural salt deposits. Likewise alongside the Trust we support the communities on our other two boundaries and then the Trust is involved in over 1 million acres with CBOs and warrior scouts doing a huge amount for conservation of all species, anti-poaching, and the scouts provide a unique link between KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) and the communities.

Ol Malo and their Samburu Neighbours

We love this short clip showing the wonderful colours and sounds of the Samburu. The video was shot at Ol Malo and highlights the strong relationship between the Lodge and its Samburu neighbours.  Ol Malo offers an unrivaled cultural experience, genuinely Kenyan.  Watch it here:

6 ways to LOVE Kenya – Ol Malo style!

Its 2017, a new year, lets experience the world in as many different ways as we can. See it through other peoples eyes, between the animal’s ears and from above like a bird. Appreciate the little things in life, the glue that binds the natural world.

Here are 6 reasons why you should take yourselves to Kenya and add Ol Malo to your itinerary.

1. By Helicopter, through the eyes of a bird
Nothing beats soaring above beautiful Kenya. Within minutes you could be enjoying a view too staggering to imagine and only the winds of gods whispering around you. Or with a morning to explore, you could be miles from civilization passing over awe inspiring scenery, catching Nile perch for lunch, watching pink flamingos swarming below you and even if you were to take the same trip over and over – every day is different. On the last day of 2016 Andrew and guests saw a melanistic serval cat leaping across a river.

2. Between two ears
All levels of riders from kids on leading rein, beginner adults, happy hackers to 3-day eventers enjoy moving un-noticed among the wild herds. Gently, or at speed enjoying the sure footed-ness of a Kenyan homebred, guests can watch towering giraffe browsing above you or elephant through two pricked ears. Horseback has to be one of the best ways to explore Kenya. Last week we had a wild dog pup come within a meter of a horses’ nose, just checking us out!  Add in an Ol Malo Nomad horse safari and you’re alone in the wilderness, your belongings on a camel, traveling by trusty steed and living life as a Nomad.

3. On foot, through the eyes of a Samburu
Work off those 3 course meals… follow a bouncing Samburu stride! Stop tripping over those rocks like a town clown and learn to weave in and out of ‘wait a bit’ bushes like a London-er walking down Oxford street in rush hour. Feel that adrenaline rush as you climb a rock and watch peaceful elephant families rumbling below you. Learn about stitching ants and the tracks of last nights’ visitors on the path.

4. Sitting treetop height – riding a camel!
Swaying at treetop height, no need to concentrate on your footing on the back of a camel. Appreciate their character and hardiness and get close to the game. We’ve even seen lion from camels!

5. 4 x 4
Of course vehicle is always an option, but lets do them Ol Malo style viewing from the roof seats and add in a night drive…we’ve seen lots of aardvark lately!

6. From your balcony or lounging by the pool
Take a break, whilst sipping your morning tea or an evening sundowner scan below you … we’ve seen all sorts from our vantage point on the cliffs, standoffs between elephant and wild dog, cattle and elephant sharing the water trough, good things come to those who wait.

Two exciting new offers for Ol Malo

Stay 3, pay 2
Bride stays for FREE (valid for Honeymooners staying 4 nights or more)

– For all new bookings made during 2016 for stays before 20 December 2017, excluding the festive period of 24 Dec 2016 to 4 Jan 2017 inclusive.
– Applicable for Ol Malo House and Lodge only (excluding Ol Malo Nomad)
– Honeymooners must travel within one year of their wedding (proof may be required)
– Conservancy fees at $105 to be paid for free nights.
– Conservation Fees are nett and non-commissionable.
– These offers are not combinable