The Dulini Collection refurbishment plans

We are very excited about the forthcoming plans to upgrade and refurbish the three Dulini Collection Lodges in the coming months, so that each displays the high standards that the trade and guests expect from the Dulini brand.  Here are some of the details you need to know but please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information:

Leadwood Lodge:
The new safari vehicles have already arrived and are fully equipped with binos, ponchos, camera mounts etc. We are currently upgrading all the soft refurbishments throughout the lodge and the rooms and putting the finishing touches to the landscaping which is taking place around the lodge. Looking to the future months, all the plunge pools to be heated by the end of January 2017 and the Leadwood entrance will be upgraded by the end of February 2017. As the work is largely cosmetic, there will be no closure dates for the lodge. Don’t worry, no guests will be disturbed whilst we are very quietly continuing with our work (but they will be impressed with the finished product!).

River Lodge:
Similar to Leadwood Lodge, the smart new safari vehicles are in place and being enjoyed by our guests. And the soft refurbishments are also well under way, with some attention to the landscaping surrounding the lodge.  Its going to make a huge difference to the main lodge area and we look forward to sharing some images with you.  The plunge pools will also be heated by the end of January – in plenty of time for our ‘winter’ guests.  The majority of works to be carried out at River Lodge will take place from 18th February when the lodge will close for 6 weeks, until 31st March.  Its an exciting project and guests will be enjoying brand new bathrooms which are going to be totally rebuilt, extending to an outside shower.  We will be closing down 2 suites entirely so that the lodge will run at a maximum of 6 suites (and will have the knock on effect of only allowing 6 people per vehicle). A gym and lap pool is being built along with a walk in wine cellar and an upgraded lodge entrance.  Watch this space for more photographs and information!

Dulini Lodge:
To maintain our high standards and to ensure that all three lodges are enjoying a ‘facelift’ at the same time, Dulini is replacing all its soft furnishings, which is currently well under way. The wooden floors in all the bedrooms will be replaced as well as the external decking.  To allow for this, there will be a short closure of two weeks between 13 June and 1 July 2017.

We very much look forward to sharing photographs with you when it is all completed!