Dulini speaks of a deeply personal wildlife adventure: the classic safari experience for the sophisticated traveller. Three beautiful lodges of bespoke character in idyllic riverbank settings, now grace the portfolio of

The Dulini Collection

The exclusivity, hospitality and sincerity that is Dulini now extends to guests at Leadwood Lodge and River Lodge. The intimacy of each boutique lodge is ideally suited to indulging the safari dreams of individual adventurers; exclusive parties celebrating special occasions together; and romancing honeymooners.

Dulini Lodge: Set in the sanctuary of a riverine grove, six exquisite suites welcome discerning guests in an awe-inspiring atmosphere: the epitome of peace and tranquility

Leadwood Lodge: Tucked secretively into the lush elbow where the Sand River and the Mabrak confluence, three Leadwood suites whisper of lavish luxury in the breathtaking panorama enchanting every guest.

River Lodge: Enthroned in the riverine grandeur of ancient ebony trees, River Lodge exudes a sense of Indulgence true to the long standing safari tradition. The enthralling elevation of six luxurious suites, offers inspiring views over the regal Sand River to the savannah beyond.


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  • Dulini River Lodge
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